Directions of Hirakud Dam

Hirakud is one amongst the Orissa Tourist places. The Hirakud dam is not just a dam. It is a legendry complex construction. The engineering and the hard work behind this project is well reflected. The state of Odisha is situated at the eastern part of the country. It is located right on the Bay of Bengal. The state of Odisha is rich in its tribal culture and ancient history. Like any other old state, Odisha has many old Hindu temples.

The Indian state Odisha

Odisha is an eastern coast state. There are many other states that share their boundaries with Odisha. Odisha has a coastline of about 485 kilometres along the Bay of Bengal. This state has got a mention in the National anthem of the country as ‘Utkala’. Since the state is situated on the Bay of Bengal lot of water related ecstasies are available in the state.

Orissa Tourist Places
  • Sea beaches
  • Ports
  • Trade routes
  • Fisheries
  • Dams
  • Rivers

Dams are the major attractions here in the state and they outshine other orissa tourist places.

The Hirakud dam provides a man-made natural view. One of the largest artificial lakes in Asia is the Hirakud. The collected water is a huge water body. The beauty of this place can be well imagined through the available pictures.A drive through the long dam can take you to a different world.

Orissa Tourist Places         Orissa Tourist Places

Reaching Hirakud dam is easy. You just need to plan a trip and get the necessary information about the routes. Depending upon your origin place and mode of transport the routes are divides as follows-

By Air– Bhubaneshwar (Capital of Odisha) and Raipur (Chhattisgarh) are the nearest airports. Both of them are 306 km. and 312 km. away respectively.

By Train– Sambalpur Junction which is at a distance of 12.6 KM and the Hirakud railway station is 14.8 KM.

By road– the Roads that lead to the Dam are well connected. However depending upon the origin city the road way might differ.

Interestingly there is a huge influx of tourists to see the dam and hence transportation is not a problem.

There are two roads that lead towards the Hirakud dam. One is through Burla. This road takes you to Jawahar minaar and Ashoka niwas side. The other road takes you to Gandhi minaar side.

The Jawahar and Gandhi minaar (pillars) were constructed to pay homage to Pandit Jawahar lal Nehru and Gandhi ji. One can get on top of these minaars and enjoy the heart taking scenery of the dam.

A tourist guide is recommended to understand the historic values that the Dam carries. One should check their travelling points and routes minutely. A drive through the dam is worth a million dollar.

Sambalpur is the largest and oldest city in Odisha. It has the privilege to be situated at just 15 km distance from the dam. A visit to Sambalpur is also recommended.