Hirakud Dam Insights

India’s longest dam is Hirakud Dam. Constructed on Mahanadi River this is situated in Indian state Odisha. Amongst the Dams of India this definitely holds a unique position.Hirakud dam is situated near Sambalpur District of Odisha. 15 kilometres from Sambalpur this is a milestone after Independence Of the country. This is a historic Dam. Controlling the Mahanadi River was important. For the Mahanadi delta was under devastating effects of flood. There is an existent lake behind the dam.

The specialities

The Hirakud dam is more than a dam. It’s a matter of pride all together. After the Independence of India this was the first River valley project. It was a huge project. It is a landmark project that made the country proud. As a country that just got freedom, this project was a crowning project. It made India self-reliant.The free India as a country was still a child and such decisions made the country stronger.

What are dams?

This dam is elevated at 160 metres. Dams are huge constructed barriers that are made on water bodies. The purpose of making dams is to reserve water for various purposes. The flowing water of the river is of no use until it is being reserved. Hence dams restrict the water of the river from flowing and store it for multiple usages. The dams are constructed on rivers also to avoid flood like situations.

  • The Dams of India have proved to be a boon for the entire nation.
  • Since India is known as the land of rivers Dams become the life line.
  • There are ample of river water available for the residents of the country.
  • Hence it was wise on the part of the authorities to construct Dams on the rivers.

The beautiful Dam is built 15 km north to the Sambalpur district. The Hirakud Dam is a complex structure that has been built across the River Mahanadi. The purpose of making this massive Dam was to store water for irrigation purposes and also to avoid floods.

Hirakud         Hirakud

The Dam stretches over 743 sq. km. considering the area covered this is one of the biggest artificial lakes in Asia. So from the tourist point of view this dam provides good 21 km long stretch along the dykes. The length is ideal for a long drive. People can actually feel the larger than life structure. The massive and immensely beautiful water of the Dam takes your heart to the magic of water. Hydroelectricity is also generated with this project.
The rainy season is breath taking as the flow of water from the gates of the dam is powerful and electrifying. The best time to visit the Dams of India is Monsoon. Most of the rivers are rain-fed in the country and hence the collection of water is highest at this season. When the gates of the dam are open it takes your heart away.